1800+ Members

BlackRose is a mix of both veterans and new players all across the US, EU, and AU timezones!

4 Corporations

BlackRose consists of 4 member corporations and numerous renter corps from PvP focused to industrialists and hardcore ratters.

7 Months Old

We founded our alliance in January of 2021 and grew to a sov holding alliance part of FI.RE coalition with over 1,800+ members from nothing all in less than a year!

20 Systems

BlackRose is a sov holding alliance in Scalding Pass, part of FI.RE coalition.

About Us

Over 1,800 members, 4 corporations, and part of a 12,000+ player coalition, the opportunities in BlackRose are immense. We hold a total of 19 systems in Scalding Pass, all of which is open for our members to rat/mine with plenty of PvP content found only a few jumps away in Curse and even Catch/Providence!

The full EVE Online nullsec experience can be found here with BlackRose with large scale PvP fights with hundreds to players to small gang roams through hostile space!

  • Weekly drunken roams and daily PvP fleets!
  • Plenty of systems to make ISK mining, ratting, and exploring!
  • R32 and R64 moons available to mine almost daily!

We are part of FI.RE coalition, a 12,000+ player coalition made of largely European players where BlackRose makes up the majority of the USTZ, we offer a jump bridge & keepstar network spanning all of the Southeast of EVE and a strong supercapital umbrella allowing for rorqual mining and supercap ratting!

Learn More

Find out more about us by watching the BlackRose alliance recruitment video!

  • 01 Participate in BlackRose PvP fleets

    We offer fleets in many varying sizes from small scale bomber fleets to large scale 100+ player fleets. We do PvP fleets on a daily basis and run a standing fleet almost all day to kill neutrals that come into our space. Adjacent regions such as Curse, Providence, and Catch offer a target rich environment for aspiring PvPers.

  • We offer mining fleets on a daily basis with R32/R64 mining fleets almost daily, the best mining that you can get in EVE Online! All of FI.RE space is available for you to explore totaling 4 blue regions on top of all the adjacent regions with some of the best exploration ISK in EVE!

  • In BlackRose real life always comes first! We offer plenty of training classes for newer players and step by step instructions on the many aspects of EVE to make the learning curve of a very complex yet rewarding to learn game easy.

What we have to offer

See below to find out what BlackRose has to offer! We are based out of nullsec and oriented around PvP and helping newer players yet we offer many options for industrialists looking to make a steady profit!

Weekly Drunken Roams

Every Saturday we get together to do a drunken roam as an alliance in fast yet cheap ships until we all get ourselves blown up!

New Player Training

We offer a sizeable new player outreach team to help newbies learn EVE with training sessions on both PvP and ISK making.

Competitive Market

We offer one of the largest markets in Scalding Pass that offers the opportunity for sellers to make a strong profit and buyers to find almost everything they need!

Ready to go Ships

We offer fully fit and ready to go ships on alliance contract for PvP fleets and ISK making!

Strong Industrial Infrastructure

We offer options for moon goo reactions, T2 production, capital ship building, and a buyback program to buy/sell materials.

Reliable Logistics Service

We offer a strong logistics service with affordable pricing and fast service that typically delivers in less than two days!

Join BlackRose today!

Come down to Scalding Pass with BlackRose to find nearly limitless PvP and ISK making opportunities! Corporations can join BlackRose by contacting one of our diplomats listed in the alliance description!


Join BlackRose through one of our corporations listed below! Contact them through their Discord link if you are interested.


PvP Oriented, Newbie Friendly!

Join our 1,700+ members in nullsec space, we offer a place for both new players and veterans alike to grow in EVE Online! Contact an Outreach member through the BlackRose Discord to join!

Hofstadter Moebius

Industry focused & EU based

We are an industry focused corporation with a largely EU memberbase. We offer help for anyone looking to get into the art of industry, we enjoy PvP and PvE as well! Contact us in our Discord to join!

The Awoken

Seeking New and Old Active Members!

We are a mid to late USTZ corporation looking to expand into different timezones and countries. We offer rookie starter kits, free skillbooks, accident forgiveness for ships and plenty of PvP. Contact through our Discord if you are interested!


Fight Honorably, No Matter the Cost!

Folkvangr is a USTZ Null based corporation focused on old school PVP play style. We are always looking for new members new and old who want a close knit gaming experience. Contact us through our Discord chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is BlackRose's main goal?

    The main goal of BlackRose is to build a laid back and newbie friendly alliance free of the blue donut that does not fall into the trap of growing complacent and stagnating. We joined FI.RE coalition but they are the only other nullsec alliances that we have blue, past that we do not have any standings with any other nullsec blocs leaving plenty of space to find PvP.

  • What makes BlackRose different is our goal of building a laid back alliance with no blue donut and no participation requirements. Most other alliances you find in EVE Online usually have a large portion of the galaxy set to blue limiting options greatly for roaming fleets and require you to join a set number of fleets a month.

  • BlackRose is based out of nullsec in Scalding Pass found in the Southeast of EVE. Our coalition lives out of Scalding Pass, Wicked Creek, Insmother, and Detroid. Nearby regions such as Curse, Catch, and Providence are great for those looking for PvP.

  • BlackRose was built from the ground up starting with Fiction which was started by just one guy and with the help of a few volunteers that joined along the way. We built a sizeable highsec corporation and had a few other corps join us along the way. We eventually joined up with Sedition in Scalding Pass in our trial phase with FI.RE coalition which eventually allowed us to take sov in Scalding Pass and become a full member of FI.RE.

  • We can offer IT services, logistics, structures rigged for industry, research, and reprocessing, capital builders and places to build capitals, plenty of PvP fleets, training for your newer members, and assistance with growing your corporation.